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Car Air Purifier JO-6288
  • Car Air Purifier JO-6288
Car Air Purifier JO-6288

Ionkini 8th Generation New Car Air Purifier Product

4,800,000 pcs/cm3 negative ion concentration

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SeriesCar Air Purifier Series

IONKINI 8th Generation New Product
Ionkini JO-6288 Crystal Negative Ion Car Air Purifier Ionizer
4.8 Million Pcs/cm3
Negative Ion Concentration
High-density negative ions can effectively remove particle allergens like dust, pollen, smoke & PM2.5.
Besides, environment with abundant negative ions brings good vibes and has positive effects on health.

Effectively Remove Air Pollutants
What you don't see can hurt you.
The air in car is much polluted with dust, smoke, particles, bacteria, formaldehyde, TVOCs, etc., increasing risks of diseases.
 By releasing a high density of negative ions and a safe amount of ozone (0.05ppm),
JO-6288 can reduce the airborne pollutants and bring back the cleaner, healthier air.
Smoke Removal Test
The test shows how high-density negative ions efficiently remove airborne pollutants.
Watch the test video on YouTube:
Plug & Play
Simply plug JO-6288 into the 12V car cigarette lighter, and it will start purifying the air.
At the same time, the blue LED indication light is on.
Use In Car / Indoors
Not only in your car, JO-6288 can be used in your living room, bedroom and office with a home adapter.
* To turn it off, just unplug it from the car socket or home adapter.

Silver Crown
Hard lines, sharp edges and dazzling chrome plating. This is where the negative ion magic begins.

Crystal Hemisphere
Delicately-cut & diamond-like crystal hemisphere, making it a practical ornament and attractive gift.

Black & White, Metallic Body
Color-coated aluminum alloy body, comes in classic and elegant color.


Input 12V DC
Power 0.8 w
Product dimensions 31*31*100 (mm)
Net weight

40 g

Negative ion concentration 4,800,000 pcs/cm3
Ozone concentration less than 0.05ppm
Appliacation <15m3
Applicable area Car, Home, Office
Certificates CE, RoHS, FCC, Patent






Certificates & Patent
Ionkini Car Air Purifier JO-6288 has been CE, RoHS, Fcc certified.
Its design is patent-protected (China Design Patent No. ZL201830169706X)
Standard Packaging
JO-6288 comes in plastic packaging.
If you need to customize your own packaging, please contact us.


We provide OEM/ODM Service.


If you would like to have logo printing or customize the packaging and other features,

please contact us for more details.


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