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2-in-1 USB Air Purifier JO-728U (with 8GB Storage Memory)
  • 2-in-1 USB Air Purifier JO-728U (with 8GB Storage Memory)
2-in-1 USB Air Purifier JO-728U (with 8GB Storage Memory)

Ionkini USB Health-care Product

• 3,000,000 pcs/cm3 negative ion concentration

• 8 storage memory provided

¡¾Series¡¿£ºUSB Health Care Series

8GB 728U.jpg

Ionkini 2-in-1 USB Air Purifier JO-728U

 (with 8GB Storage Memory)  

 Functions and Features                                                            

Portable USB Air Purifier Ionizer JO-728U is the original patented 2-in-1 multifunctional product of Ionkini Technology which functions as a USB stick and Air Purifier. It utilizes anion technology to achieve air purification.


By releasing tremendous amount of negative ions(3,000,000 pcs/cm3), JO-728U can


  • Remove smoke, dust and PM2.5 air pollutants
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Increase concentration and relieve fatigue caused by working on computer

Besides, JO-728U can function as an USB memory stick.

Standard capacity: 8GB (OEM memory capacity from 2GB~32GB available).

 Product View                                                                 

usb air purifier 728 1.5.jpg

usb air purifier 728 3.jpg

 Technical data                                                                        


2-in-1 USB Air Purifier Ionizer JO-728U
Input:  5V/DC
Power:  ¡Ü1 w
Exterior Size: 90 ¡Á 23 ¡Á 22 (mm)
Net weight: 22 g
Memory Capacity
8 GB
The range of using:  <15m2
Application area:  Car, Office, home
Color available:  Orange, Blue, Black
Concentration of Negative ions: 3,000,000 pcs/cm3
Concentration of Ozone: ¡Ü 0.02 ppm
Certificates  CE, FCC, RoHS, Patent


 How To Use                                                                            

usb air purifier 728 4.jpg

USB Air Purifier Ionizer JO-728U can be used by plugging it into the USB port of your computer.

It can also be used in car with the USB adaptor:

usb air purifier 728 5.jpg

usb air purifier 728 6.jpg

- While the device is in operation, the blue LED indication light is on. 

To switch it off: Unplug the device from the cigarette lighter or the adapter.


 Smoke Removing Testing experiment                                 

experiment usb air purifier 728.jpg


As you  can see, USB Air Purifier Ionizer JO-728U works effectively in smoke reducing. In this experiment, the smoke was removed in about 15 seconds. You can also watch the test video on Youtube in the URL as follows:

(Copy this URL to the address bar in a new window and press enter.)

One free Test Kit as above will be sent for making this experiment by yourself to see the effect of this new advertising ideas products intuitively.


 Working Principle                                                                       

about anion negative technology air purifier car air purifier ionizer ionic negative ion portable mini air freshener aroma diffuser


USB Air Purifier Ionizer JO-728 uses an electrical charge to produce stream of negative ions which then remove microscopic particles from the air, improving the air quality in your room or car.

An ion is simply a particle that is charged, either negatively or positively. The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mould, smoke, chemical vapours, and other allergens. Once the positive and negative ions are bonded together, they become too heavy to float, and no longer affect the air quality of the surroundings.


Known in many cases to benefit sufferers of the following:

  •     Allergic Bronchitis
  •     Allergic Sinusitis
  •     Asthma
  •     Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  •     Chronic respiratory tract allergies

Proven benefits include:

  •     Decreased respiratory rate
  •     Can lower blood pressure
  •     Produces a feeling of wellbeing
  •     Decreased skin temperature


 Certificates: CE,FCC,ROHS, China Patent                             



Packaging & Shipping


Plastic packing, Metal box packing is available.  USB adaptor for car is optional.

OEM customized packing box is also welcomed.


Our Services

 OEM service                                                                                  

customized color 728.jpg

We provide OEM Service. If you would like to customize the unit color or print your logo on the products or packing box, please kindly let us know, we will do that for you as requested.  

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