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Car Air Purifier JO-6276
  • Car Air Purifier JO-6276
Car Air Purifier JO-6276

Ionkini 7th Generation Car Air Purifier Premium Edition

4,000,000 pcs/cm3 negative ion concentration

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Product Description


6276 New3

Ionkini 7th Generation Premium

Car Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6276


Functions & Features

Car Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6276 is the 7th generation patented product of Ionkini Technology which utilizes anion technology to achieve air purification. By releasing tremendous amount of negative ions, JO-6276 can

  • ¡¤ Remove smoke, dust and PM2.5 air pollutants
  • ¡¤ Eliminate unpleasant smells
  • ¡¤ Dispel benzene and formaldehyde
  • ¡¤ Kill harmful viruses & bacteria to prevent the spread of disease
  • ¡¤ Increase concentration and relieve car sickness.





Technical Data


6271 gold silver.jpg Mini Car Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6276
  Input:   110V-240V
  Output:   12 V/DC
  Power:    ¡Ü0.8 w
  Exterior Size:   22 ¡Á 88 (mm)
  Color:   Silver, Gold 
  Net weight:   30 g
  Negative ion Concentration:   4,000,000 pcs/cm3
  Ozone Concentration:   ¡Ü0.06 ppm
  The range of using:    <15m2
  Application area:    Car, Home, Office
  Certificates:    CE, FCC, RoHS, Patent




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Why You Need It?

No matter indoors or outdoors, the air pollutants are threatening our health, weakening and damaging our lungs. Asthma prevalence raises year by year and more and more people are diagnosed with breathing-related issues.

There are many ways to fight the air pollutants in your car, such as cleaning out the dust and spraying febreze. However, this is not enough for dealing with the invisible PM2.5 air pollutant particles, virus and bacteria, benzene and formaldehyde let out by the decoration materials.


To guard your health against air pollution, Ionkini has invented such kind of car accessory that utilizes negative ion technology to improve the air quality without doing any harm to human body. 


Besides, negative ion which can activate cells, enhance immunity and relieve tiredness, is beneficial to drivers. It is not only a health protector for you, but also a great choice for gift.

drowsy driving new





How to Use?

6276 use car home.jpg


Car Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6276 can be used in car by plugging it into car cigarette lighter or used at home and office with the AC adaptor.


- The LED indication light is on when JO-6276 is working.  

To switch it off: Unplug the device from the cigarette lighter or the adapter.



Smoke Removing Test

watch the test video on Youtube:

6276 experiment.jpg




Working Principle

Car Air Purifier Ionizer JO-6276  uses an electrical charge to produce stream of negative ions which then remove microscopic particles from the air, improving the air quality in your car.


- An ion is simply a particle that is charged, either negatively or positively.


- The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mould, smoke, chemical vapours, and other allergens.


- Once the positive and negative ions are bonded together, they become too heavy to float, and no longer affect the air quality of the surroundings.




Certificates & Test Reports 


6276 ce fcc rohs test.jpg


Car Air Purifier JO-6276 has attained CE, FCC & RoHS certificates and approved Formaldehyde, Benzene & Escherichia Coli Removal Test.





Packaging & Shipping


Standard Packaging

6276 packaging.jpg


Plastic packing, Metal box packing, Gift box packing and Plastic packing with home adaptor(AU/EU) is available.
If you would like to have your OEM customized packaging, please contact us for more details.

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