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Ionkini Dual Aroma Diffuser Air Purifier JO-688
  • Ionkini Dual Aroma Diffuser Air Purifier JO-688
Ionkini Dual Aroma Diffuser Air Purifier JO-688

Ionkini Aromatic Air Purifier Product

• 3,000,000 pcs/cm3 negative ion concentration

• Dual aroma diffuser

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SeriesCar Air Purifier Series

This product has been discontinued. 


Ionkini Innovative Dual-scent Design

2-in-1 Aroma Diffuser Air Purifier JO-688

- Dual scent design -      - Scenting & Purifying the air -      - Use In Car & Indoors -


Product Features


Purify The Air

By releasing 3,000,000 pcs/cm3 negative ions,

JO-688 can effectively dispel airborne particulate pollutants:

Dust Pollen Cigarette Smoke Particulate Matter

Scent Air With Two Different Scents 

With dual fan diffusers, JO-688 can release 2 different scents in turn.

You could set the intensity of scents, and also the period that each scent lasts.


688-function.jpg Dual aroma diffusers
Adjustable aroma output intensity
Automatically switch between scents every 15/30 minutes

Benefits of Negative Ion

Negative ions is not only effective in removing air pollutants. They do good to your body.


Improve pulmonary function Enhance metabolism Relieve fatigue Strengthen immunity


Smoke Dispelling Experiment

Click here to watch the video of smoke dispelling experiment with JO-688

Watch it on Youtube by visiting:

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How to Use



Setting Timer
Press the Timer button:
Set the flavor-changing interval between 15 & 30 minutes.

Keep Pressing it for 2 seconds
Switch to another flavor immediately.

  Setting Intensity
Press the intensity button:

Select normal or enhanced scent intensity.

Keep pressing it for 2 seconds:
Disable or enable the scenting function (releasing negative ion only).
How Negative Ion Works


1. Oxygen in the air is charged by JO-6281 and transformed into oxygen negative ions.

2. Negative ions attract and binds with the floating airborn pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke and PM2.5 by 99%.

3. Charge neutralization occurs.

The air pollutants get clustered and subside naturally to the ground instead of being inhaled.

Product Specifications
  Model   JO-688
  Input   12V/DC; 110V-240V/AC
  Power   1w
  Product dimensions   122*93*72 (mm)
  Net weight

  250 g

  Negative ion concentration   3,000,000 pcs/cm3
  Ozone concentration   Less than 0.02ppm
  Zone coverage   <15m3
  Application area   Car, Home, Office
  Certificates   CE, FCC, RoHS, Patent







Dual-scent aroma diffuser JO-688 has attained CE, FCC & RoHS certificates 


Standard Packaging

Packaging types: Color box / Plain cardbord box        Packaging dimensions: 24*15*8.5cm
1*aroma diffuser, 1*power cord, 1*12V car socket home adapter, 2*aroma bottle(empty by default),
1*user manual included


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