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IONKINI 12th Anniversary Celebration

Time2018/1/12 PostedIonkini Technology (GZ) Co., Ltd.

IONKINI 12th Anniversary Celebration

IONKINI celebrated its 12th Anniversary with an annual ceremony in Nanhai, Foshan a few days ago.
Different from our 10th and 11th Anniversary, which were grand and ceremonious events, 

this year's ceremony is small and intimate, but the most special one ever.

Inspired By Spring

Taking "Spring" as the theme of the ceremony, 

the Ionkini anniversary planning group has devoted a great deal of efforts on it, 

from the whole arrangements to every details of the setting and the souvenirs.

I Wish Your Wish Come True

The wishing wall was loaded with Ionkiniers' wishes and blessings.
May every wish on it come true.

Intro: Words From The Bottom of My Heart

The evening party kicked off with a short film starring by the Ionkiniers. 

In front of the camera, they talked about their 2017 

- the best thing they got, the most unforgettable moments, 

the person they wanted to thank most, and their vista & aims in 2018

The Unusal Awards

After the speech delivered by Chairman Mr. Pujing Wang

and General Manager Mr. Hokin Wong, the awards presentation began.

Not the typical ones, 

each award name are uniquely designed based on the characteristic and achievement of the awardee.


During the feast, "Caishen (the God of Wealth)" broke in 

and showered the audience with red packets rain, igniting the night.

Next up were more amazing performances from the Ionkiniers:

Piano Suite Performance

Comedy "Telepathy

Ballad Solo

Dancing Pretties

Anxious 4 - The Opera Mashup

In group challenging game section, Ionkiniers showcased their industrial professionalism, 

talent of collaborating, and trust between the team members.

The ceremony came to an end with joy and surprise as the last lucky draw prize was presented to the winner.

THANK YOU to all the organizers and participants of the ceremony,
and THANK YOU to all the clients supporting IONKINI in the past 12 years.
Farewell to 2017, and all beautiful memories will be treasured.

In 2018, IONKINI will stand firmly with 12-year experience, 

keep clinging to the value of integrity and honesty,

continue to service our clients with dedication,  

and give back to the society with more innovative air purifier products.

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